Supervised by Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), Laupenstrasse 27, 3003 Bern.
Monitored by the Supervisory Organisation for Financial Intermediaries & Trustees SO-FIT, rue Pedro-Meylan 2, 1208 Geneva.
Affiliated with the mediation body OFS Ombud Finance Switzerland, Boulevard des Tranchées 16, 1206 Geneva.

Politique interne de protection des données

Our history

TASK was founded in June 2016, in Lausanne, by its three founding partners and a group of Portuguese partners who own ASK SA.

After moving its Head Office to Geneva in 2017, TASK experienced a strong growth of the assets it managed.

We offer tailor-made solutions to our private and institutional clients, meeting the most demanding expectations when it comes to wealth management.

Most of the professionals at TASK rely on over 20 years of experience in Private Banking and Wealth Management.